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Whether you’re in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world, or a CrossFit gym, garage gym or any other type of training center, we’d welcome you to join forces with this project! It’s great for camaraderie & stretching limits. And it’s also in support of a very good cause that we’ve vetted and fully endorse.

We have several options for event hosts and these are:

  1. Host a full 24-hour event at your facility or a mix of your facility and other nearby locations (other gyms, dojos, outdoors training areas, etc.)
  2. Host or dedicate a 1-hour workout at your facility and direct donations to one of our 24in24 Events or Teams
  3. Team with other gyms to offer 4-6 mini events that equal 24 hours
  4. Send a team to an existing event


If you’d like to host a full 24-hour event, here’s what you need to know:

  • Workout selection: The event will include 24 separate workouts (WODs), starting at the top of each hour for 24 consecutive hours. Most WODs are in the 10-15min range, but with 24 to work with, some are longer, others shorter. There are also team WODs. You may custom-program your own WODs or use in whole or part the list of 24 WODs we’ll share with each host. The programming model we follow for these 24-hour events is to emphasize safety, scalability, comprehensiveness & community. All essential fitness skills will be covered, as well as a wide range of movements, loads, speeds, etc.
  • Fundraising Approach: Participants in the workouts agree to raise through donations a minimum of 24 CHF (or 24 USD) per person per workout. If someone wants to do all 24 workouts, then their fundraising minimum target is 576 CHF. If a team of 4 shares the 24 workouts (each doing 6), their minimum target is also 576 CHF.
  • Online Donations: We’ve setup a fundraising event on the website Crowdrise. All donations via the Crowdrise page will be directed to F2F. To setup a page to track donations at your gym level and for each participant or team, please contact Jeff Grant, who will create a team page for you. Then you’ll have a link to send to all participants where they can easily create their own fundraising pages linked to your team.
  • Cash Donations: You may collect cash donations as well. We ask that you wire these donations directly to F2F following the event. If you have a secondary charity that you would like to support as well, you may direct some cash donations to them. You may enter the totals for your cash donations in Crowdrise as well.
  • Date Selection: Many gyms host their events in the summer, but you are free to host yours at the time that makes the most sense for your community. We’ve had gyms host their events anytime during the year.
  • Your connection to Malawi: make sure you take videos from the event and speak directly to the community in Malawi. We’ll make sure that they see it and that you receive a personal video response. Nothing beats having a direct connection to an impoverished community that your CrossFit community is helping.
  • Using the website: Please use this website to educate your members on the event and the underlying charity. In addition, once you’ve selected your date, please send all the details you’d like to have published on your event page and we’ll set it up for you. If you would like any other questions answered or general info on the site, please let us know.
  • Getting volunteers: Remember to ask your members and people in the community for help. In the past two years we’ve had an awesome network of volunteers bring food, secure donations of sports equipment and funds for Malawi & just stop by the events to lend support and cheers.

If you’d like to host a mini event or have any question, please contact Jeff Grant (

There are lots of great videos on this site to share the experience of the event and what F2F is doing in Malawi. Check this one out for starters:

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