BeastModeBärn 10-Sept

Date: 10 September, starting at 12:00 Noon

Location: BeastModeBärn, Bern Switzerland

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Facebook Event Page: here

Intensive workouts and activities, 24 hours, non-stop. The human body at its limits. All to raise funds for transforming an impoverished area of 6,000 people in Malawi into a self-sustaining community.

The event is again in partnership with the Face-to-Face Project (F2F), a non-profit organization that is working to offer a holistic, culturally sensitive approach to nurturing fundamental, long-lasting improvements in the poorest rural communities.


​BeastModeBärn ​is support​ing​ Malawi​ the fourth year in a row!​ ​As last year we’ll do the first 12 hours UNBROKEN — without rest, without breaks, without stopping! These 24 hours are going to be fun and cool but at the same time hard and mentally challenging.

If you are not joining the workouts and/or you want to bring some food for the participants, you are very welcome to come and cheer. Please send us an email or call for more details of the agenda.

Please visit the following link to donate:

If you are participating in the event, please sign up on the same page. If you have any questions how to sign up, let us know.