24 hours. No sleep. Intensive workouts non-stop. The human body at its limits. All to raise funds for transforming an impoverished area of 6,000 people in Malawi into a self-sustaining community.

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A group of selected athletes will embark on this unique charity workout challenge at several CrossFit gyms in Switzerland during the summer and autumn of 2016. The event is in partnership with the Face-to-Face Project (F2F), a non-profit organization that is working to offer a holistic, culturally sensitive approach to nurturing fundamental, long-lasting improvements in the poorest rural communities.

Quick Facts:

  • 2016 will be the 6th year this event has been hosted in Switzerland.
  • Host gyms have included Reebok CrossFit Zurich, Hillseeker Fitness, BeastModeBärn, CrossFit Zug-Luzern, CrossFit Horgen-Merilen, and CrossFit GVA. 100+ athletes have finished the full 24 hours and dozens upon dozens more have participated as volunteers, joining workouts, fundraising, making donations and more.
  • This year there are opportunities for athletes to go for the full 24-hours solo or as a team or just join for one or more workouts.
  • There are many opportunities to volunteer, plus donations are always welcome!
  • Representatives of Reebok CrossFit Zurich,BeastModeBärn and Hillseeker Fitness have visited F2F projects in Malawi and Cambodia and have worked closely with F2F for 5+ years. See video and photo library.
  • Workout selections are a surprise to the athletes.
  • Be a part of something special! Learn how to get involved as an athlete, donor or supporter. Multiple roles are possible too!

CrossFit workouts (known as a WODs for Workout of the Day) are known for their extremely challenging and often grueling nature and a single WOD often leaves athletes lying on the floor gasping. Each hour on the hour, a WOD will be announced and athletes will immediately perform it. Tasks can include a mix of sprinting, Olympic weightlifting, indoor rowing, gymnastics, agility and sports accuracy skills and other high intensity sports activities for a period of 10-45 minutes. Due to the technical complexity of movement and coordination required for many of the expected 24 workouts, as well as the overall high intensity throughout, this event is expected to prove more extreme.


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